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Hopefully these links will be of some use to you in you travels around NZ or the world wide web.


If you wish to add a link to this site just drop us a line.

Backpackers Hostel Budget Accommodation Guide

New Zealand Tourism Sites

New Zealand Towns & Cities

Campervan Rentals

New Zealand Travel Information

Interesting New Zealand web sites

Including: NZ weather updates - Indigenous SPECIES of New Zealand-Surfing in NZ 

Cool Search Engines

Including: NZ search engine-Nerd World


BBH Backpackers Accommodation guide for New Zealand


Eric Foley, Foley Towers BBH Backpackers
208, Kilmore St, Christchurch 1, New Zealand.
Phone 64 3 366-9720 : Fax 64 3 379-3014]
URL http://www.backpack.co.nz

Arguably the best hostel guide available! Well in our opinion anyway 
this is why we selected them to represent us in their booklet and web page. 
Last time I looked it had over 250 listings tips and hints on traveling in 
New Zealand.
 Tourism Sites

This is the region of the Waipara Sleepers see what exciting & natural things North Canterbury 

has on offer at the official Hurunui web site


Official NZ Tourism Board site fast loading with plenty of info and useful links a must to see
if you are visiting our fair country.


Department Of Conservation worth a visit in you intend to see a bit of New Zealand's native life huge amount of information and links.

New Zealand Travel Information

Links to some of the towns and cities of NZ


The official web site for Auckland the largest city in NZ the web site is pretty big as well 

The visitor's guide to Christchurch and Canterbury

Ok looking web site takes you to a new home page then gives you a link to follow to the old one. Lot of info on offer if your going to Christchurch then it's worth checking the site out.


President Clinton said it was "Breathtaking" the town that is. The sites pretty good as well.


  Interesting NZ web sites


This is the homepage of the official Wizard of New Zealand, classified by art galleries and critics as a Living Work of Art, designer of the Post-Modern Cosmology, theorist of the Fun Revolution, founder of the Imperial British Conservative Party, role-model for Post-Feminist men, and Metaphysical Engineer

Interesting character well worth checking out & can also be found public speaking in ChCh city. If your in Christchurch try and catch him he's good for a laugh. ***

   NZ Weather Information


Latest New Zealand Weather Observations with all the up-to date information you will ever need on New Zealand

Surface weather observations from around New Zealand, eight times daily.

Readings are taken at the weather stations at the following times (New Zealand time):
12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. ****


NATURESPACE - New Zealand Indigenous SPECIES of New Zealand

Part of The Department Of Conservation interesting site with plenty of links well worth a look however it tends to be a little slow to load.***



Interesting site NZ at a glance with a considerable amount of general information on some areas within NZ . Lots of photos & most of the site loads fairly quickly little difficult to navigate if your looking for a particular region & there is very little information on Canterbury. *** 


A great NZ surf web site anything you need to know about NZ surfing and competitions check it out



The official site of NZ Rugby union


Recommended Search Engines


A what's going on site for NZ with it's own easy to use search engine. Fast loading site and simple to navigate well worth a visit if you are searching for NZ links.


An interesting option to the normal run of the mill search engines huge amount of links and 

information , this place will meet a lot of your needs and more.



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