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                Kiwi Humour 

The average Kiwi has a great sense of humour and usually doesn't mind being the target. As you tour up and down our small paradise the type of humour you come across will differ from Dry, Sarcastic, Full On , Loud Up Front and you may find some places particularly in Auckland  where one may be excused in thinking the people may have none at all !.

Over the year's New Zealanders have been fortunate to have been exposed to a number of good comedians and cartoonists. Of course most have had that unique Kiwi style that doesn't always go down overseas as well as it could . One place in particular that will never understand good Kiwi humour is Australia but then we tend to struggle with their's.  

The following list is a sample of what many have felt is good Kiwi Humour by no means represents all that is on offer in this fair Country.

Murray Ball  Cartoonist

Billy T James  Comedian / Entertainer

Sir Howard Morrison Entertainer

Fred  Dagg Comedian

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