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Ours is a small Holiday park set in a sheltered Country Garden . Selective planting of natives has attracted a number of different birds to this little paradise. The focus has been on providing a clean fully equipped place with plenty of places to relax in amongst a Unique Historic setting.

The powered and un-powered sites are all close to the fully equipped amenities .

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Kitchen : This charming facility is a converted Railway Station equipped to meet all your needs.                                Microwave-Hot Plates-Fridge-Hot Water-Tables Chairs and all the cooking utensils you will need to prepare the food you desire. 

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Hot Bread: 

Wake up every morning to the smell of fresh hot bread baking just to help you kick start your day and it's free first in first served.

(we bake it you eat it) 

Free fresh eggs at chickens convenience

Shower & Toilet Block: No trouble with hot water here all the showers are fitted with modern water heaters that ensure hot water is continuous.  

TV Room: Here you can sit back and take in some of NZ on air or read a book even play a board game.  

BBQ area: Nothing tastes better than hot Barbequed food our BBQ spot is a ideal place for socializing with other quests or fiends. Sheltered from the elements with plenty of seating it's the place to be on a hot summers day or night.

Laundry: We have both washing machine and dryer (outside clothes line if you prefer) the machines are run on coin timer.

Walk-Way: As part of our garden theme a small walkway is being developed with the intention of providing secluded spots to rest in. The project is encompassing native trees & bush to attract more wildlife , areas for quests to participate in activities.

           Contact us email: waipara.sleepers@inet.net.nz or ph/fax(03)314-6003

                              Looking forward to hearing from you

                                          Fiona and Paul