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Backpackers Bunk Rooms

These rooms are definitely something different!          


    1940's Railway Guards Wagons    

All the wagons were part of the NZ rail rolling stock and were called guards vans. They have been converted into accommodation units and placed in a country garden setting providing warmth comfort and privacy.                 

2wagonsgarden.jpg (42156 bytes)      

Each wagon sits on it's own short piece of track wheel's and all. The bunk wagons are 4 berth and still have most of their original fittings.

          (exclusive use of the wagons can be arranged)

wagongarden.jpg (45855 bytes) We have accommodation to take groups or couple's young or old with wheel chair facilities included. There is no place in NZ just like our's we can guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

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Each Wagon Offers:

Full Heating

Small Balcony                    wagonsitting.jpg (41754 bytes)    

Secure Rooms

Separate Sitting Rooms

Close To All Facilities

Contact us email: waipara.sleepers@inet.net.nz or ph/fax(03)314-6003

                Looking forward to hearing from you

                               Fiona and Paul